It’s a great feeling—to stay at the green tea field under the shining sun taking a deep breath of that fragrant air. Your skin enjoys the freshness as a light breeze touches your face.

How nice would it be to feel it in the middle of a busy workday, when a greasy and oily mask appears on your skin. It’s a perfect time to remove that annoying midday shine from your face and freshen up your makeup. Should you wash your face a few times a day and reapply your makeup? Or stay chained to your powder compact?

Now, you can say “goodbye” to this midday suffering and give your skin a breath of fresh air!

Zorom’s blotting paper for oily skin removes excess oil from your skin providing your face a clean and smooth look. Our mattifying paper is made from highly-absorbed natural wood fiber pulp infused with natural green tea extract to soothe your skin even on the hottest and busiest days. Don’t worry about smearing or removing your makeup, only a few seconds and gentle touches needed to clear up sweaty or oily skin to restore that “just applied” makeup look.

We are proud to present our unique, large-sized oil blotting sheets for face—one sheet per thorough cleaning of your T-zone. Don’t you find this convenient? Of course, you do! One pack of one-of-a-kind Zorom’s oil-absorbing tissues lasts longer than any other regular blotting papers. You’ll look great and save money at the same time!

Maybe you’re wondering that due to the bigger size our blotting sheets, they are inconvenient to carry with you. If you did, you’d be wrong. Despite a 25% larger blotting area, a package of Zorom’s oil blotting papers for face fits even the tiniest of women’s purses. Due to solid construction, it won’t fall apart in a messy, over-stuffed women’s handbag (you know how they can be :).

The handy dispenser allows you to pull out one sheet at a time easily while keeping the others hygienic. No matter how rushed you are, you can always find a few seconds to blot away moisture. Rest assured, these oil absorbing sheets for face don’t tear or fall apart—even if you’re in a hurry.






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